Bunkajinruigaku (Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology), Special issues


Bunkajinruigaku has published several special issues on anthropologies of science and technology since the late 2000s. A search of the J-stage archives for “科学技術(science and technology)” yielded the following (all in Japanese):

2007 Anthropology of Science and Technology (ed. Kimio Miyatake), 71 (4), (incl. Morita 2007, Kubo 2007, Kimura 2007)

2009 Accountabilities: An Inquiry into Orders of Things and Humans (ed. Atsuro Morita), 73(4)

2010 An Anthropology of the Multiple Temporalities of the City (ed. Shuhei Kimura), 75 (2)

2011 Anthropologizing Moving Assemblages (ed. Yasushi Uchiyamada), 76 (1)

2011 Hybrid Bodies (ed. Goro Yamazaki), 76 (3) (incl. Mohacsi 2011)

2013 Disaster and Anthropology: Facing the Aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake (eds. Isao Hayashi, Kawaguchi Yukihiro), 78(1), (incl. Kimura 2013)

2017 Anthropology of Pharmaceutical Practice: Ethnographies of the Pharmaceuticalized World (eds. Yosuke Shimazono, Makoto Nishi, Akinori Hamada), 81(4)


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July 12, 2018 - 10:37pm

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Bunkajinruigaku (『文化人類学』) is a quarterly journal published by the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology). 



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