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Science as Culture, Cultures of Science

Sarah Franklin highlights new directions within anthropology concerning both cultures of science and science as culture. Read more

Natasha Myers

Natasha Myers is an associate professor of anthropology at York University.In 2016 she coined the term "...Read more

Technology as Mediation

Technology as Mediation : On the Processes of Engineering and Reception of the Entertainment Robot "AIBO"(<Special Theme>Anthropology of Science and Technology)

Keywords: moments of juncture, artificial intelligence, ...Read more

AO. call for anthropologists to reflect on their own data

Biruk writes that she hopes the book will reflect the potential of anthropology's commitment to "slow research" but also prompt anthropologists to "reflect on how our own data activities...Read more

Anthropologies of the United States

Jessica R. Cattelino describes three ways anthropologists of the United States have located the anthropological field.Read more

AO. demography data.

Biruk highlights that "a main point of controversy between anthroplogists and demographers is how they might answer the question: "what is the relationship between data and social reality it...Read more

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