Aimé Dafon Segla

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Okune, Angela. 2018. "Aimé Dafon Segla." In STS in "Africa" Personal Careers. In STS in "Africa" in Formation, created by Angela Okune and Aadita Chaudhury. In STS Across Borders Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Society for Social Studies of Science. August.


Aimé Dafon Sègla, docteur en histoire et philosophie des sciences et techniques, Paris7-CNRS, études en anthropologie de la connaissance dans les cultures non occidentales au Max-Planck Institute, Martin-Luther University et Université du Bénin. Ingénieur de formation, Aimé D. Sègla est à la fois chercheur et consultant indépendant, Paris.

Aimé Dafon Sègla (PhD in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Paris7-CNRS) works on the anthropology of knowledge in non-Western cultures at Max-Planck Institute, Martin-Luther University and University of Benin. Trained as an engineer, Aimé D. Sègla is both researcher and independent consultant in Paris.

This PECE essay helps to answer the STS Across Borders analytic question: “What people, projects, and products exemplify how this STS formation has developed over time?”

This essay highlights prominant and upcoming individuals working on critical science and technology issues in Africa and is part of a broader exhibit on "STS in Africa."

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Aimé, Segla Dafon, and Akpona Simon. 2018. “The Role of a Yoruba Traditional Leaf in a Fermented Food Technology (Nauclea Latifolia, Sarcocéphalus Latifolius): Shedding Light on African Accuracy of Implicit Knowledge and Technologies".” Advances in Social

AO: This 2018 paper by Segla and Akpona starts from the foundational archaeology of concepts in language and cognition of an archaic fermented food technology in an oral society to demonstrate the accuracy of implicit traditional knowledge. Read more

Segla, Aimé. 2016. “Viewing Formal Mathematics from Yoruba Conception of the Sky.” Journal of Astronomy in Culture 1 (1).

AO: This 2016 paper by Aimé Segla is in the UC e-scholarship respository as an open access paper. It views formal mathematics through the interpretation of Yoruba sky knowledge (Yoruba Cosmology) and attempts to demonstrate that linguistic codes elaborated from...Read more