Renzo Filinich Orozco


Universidad de Valparaiso
Diagonal Rancagua 962
Santiago de Chile


PhD student


PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies on Thought, Culture and Society, Universidad de Valparaíso. Master in Media Arts, University of Chile. His most recent publications: Becoming and Individuation on the Encounter between Technical Apparatus and Natural System (MC Journal Magazine 2020), QATIPANA: Individuation processes on the relationship between art, machine and natural systems (Digital Hermeneutics Vol 4, No 1, 2020) and (TRANS) INDIVIDUATION AND DIVERSITY IN SPINOZA AND SIMONDON in the book, Individuation, technology and training - Simondon: in debate, Universidad de Antioquia, 2020. Currently he is part of the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology directed by the Chinese philosopher of technique Yuk Hui as a research associate.