The McGuffey Eclectic Readers: 1836-1986

A history of one of the most influential reading textbooks in the American education landscape, preceded perhaps only by the Bible and Webster's Dictionary. Read more

Baldwin. 1963. A Talk to Teachers.

James Baldwin delivered this speech before a group of educators on October 16, 1963, to address epistemic violence faced by Black children even before they have stepped foot in a classroom. Navigating a world that is not designed for them and that does not benefit them, creates doubt and rage...Read more

Everything to know about the unprecedented HISD state takeover and the school district's future

This newspaper article address the Texas State Education Agency's takeover of Houston's Independent School District the 8th largest district in the country. State officials unilaterally replace elected school board members and the Superintendent."The state-appointed managers will hold...Read more

Institutional Layers / STS MA @ Istanbul Technical University (2000-2006)

This poster was created as part of An Archaeology of STS in Turkey, an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting in Sydney, Australia.

This poster helps to answer the shared ...Read more

Leslie Green on narratives about Africa

"My PhD was on journalism and narratives of crisis and conflict in KwaZulu­Natal in the 1990s. I feel very strongly about the role of the media in generating responsive, responsible stories." Read more

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