Are we eating the cannibal? Provincializing STS from Latin America

Pablo Kreimer, CONICET

Some approaches, speaking about "postcolonial STS" are discovering the "failures" of the broad constructivist model (ANT, coproductionists, Third wave proponents, etc.) that became practically dominant...Read more

Open to diverse backgrounds

What do you think was unique about the type of work that iHub Research conducted?

It wasn't as supervised as most academic institutions. Also as it was an open research space, we had people with diverse and unique skill sets just walk in and start working...Read more

Challenges for Inter-Asia STS in the Collaboration between Victim’s Advocacy Group in the Samsung Leukemia Case in South Korea and the RCA Case in Taiwan

Hsin-Hsing Chen, Shih-Hsin University Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies

Since the calls for “Inter-Asia” approach in cultural studies in the early 2000s, comparison between different Asian societies, or...Read more

Collaborative Research Project on Water Quality in Cape Town

Lesley Green has been working together with a team of researchers (Full team includes: Leslie Petrik, Adeola P. Abegunde and Cecilia Y. Sanusi from the Environmental and Nano Science Group, at the Department of Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town; Lesley Green...Read more

Transnational Community: A buzzword or a keyword for STS?

Duygu Kasdogan,Izmir Katip Celebi University

Transnational as an analytic concept has been circulating in social sciences with multiple disciplinary reflections on its...Read more

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