Open to diverse backgrounds


What do you think was unique about the type of work that iHub Research conducted?

It wasn't as supervised as most academic institutions. Also as it was an open research space, we had people with diverse and unique skill sets just walk in and start working on a project with strangers. It is very unique to have talent just walk in like that.

In your own opinion, what were the core aspects that made iHub Research what it was?

Openness to diversity i.e. I worked with students, researchers, phd students, CEOs, engineers, designers... practically every type of person involved in the Kenyan and International innovation ecosystem.


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June 27, 2018 - 3:41pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This quote by Philip Ochola highlights iHub Research's approach to engaging with people interested in research. Using a very "hands-on" model, iHub Research often found or made opportunities based on someone's interest. This lent to most people being very passionate about what they were doing because it related to their own intrinstic interests. However, this model also lent to a large team because very rarely were people turned away. By the end of 2014, there were almost 50 people employed by iHub overall. About 20 of them worked for iHub Research specifically.


Phillip Ochola Mak'Anyengo

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