Article: Horton, Highlander, and Leadership Education: Lessons for Preparing Educational Leaders for Social Justice

"Influenced by Myles Horton’s vision and leadership, the Highlander Folk School became an adult education program centered on social change via the labor and civil rights movements. In this article, I examine the pedagogy and practice of Myles Horton and the Highlander Folk School and identify...Read more

PS Orals Excerpt: Highlander legacies

In 1957, Horton and Clark invited Martin Luther King as a keynote speaker for Highlander’s 25th anniversary. Georgia’s segregationist governor Marvin Griffin sent infiltrators to take photos at the event. Soon, posters of King were displayed across the South with Horton and others in an act of “red...Read more

Liberalization's children

This  book mainly draws and contribute to 

1) Theories of citizenship:  The author's central concern about who constitutes citizenry, and the structural changes that took place during the...Read more

PS Orals Excerpt: Citizenship Education Programs (CEPs) in South Carolina

American studies scholar Peter Ling details the backstories of these Citizenship Education Programs (CEPs) that were so successful in South Carolina, focusing on the backstage networking between white and Black middle-class elites across the South to raise funding and space for CEPs–Horton’s wife...Read more

2010. Bora. "Technoscientific Normativity and the 'Iron Cage' of Law"

"Participation of a broad variety of actors in decision-making processes has become an important issue in science and technology policy. Many authors claim the involvement of stakeholders and of the general public to be a core condition for legitimate and sustainable decision making. In...Read more

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