6S Sketch 3

Jessica Caporusso Sketch 3

  • method / activities: participant observation (participatory mapping)
  • data type: 1.¬†embodied knowledge (walking) 2. sketches 3. photographs and video (JPG, MP3, WAV,
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Kim Fernandes Annotations

  • method / activities: participant observations
  • data type: (pre-COVID) hand-written notes, (post-COVID) typed notes on my laptop
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Eren. Sketch 3.

  • method / activities: One on one interviews
    • data type: (1) audio or video recording; (2) textual transcript; (3)
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Response to 6S Sketch 3 - Kim Fernandes & Data Types

Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing your data collection and storage methods. One type of "data" that you've identified, Twitter conversations, has become increasingly...Read more

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