Sketch 3: Peer Review for Kim Fernandes

Sketch 3: Peer Review for Kim Fernandes

Hi Kim! I saw that you have both handwritten and typed notes, and that you scan your handwritten notes. Whereas, when I have any handwritten notes lying around, I feel like I have to type them into digital documents thinking that I might need to search something in them, highlight them or code them. (But indeed it take more time/energy than just scanning them). Also, I realized that although I do enjoy keeping my field journal on an actual notebook, among all those data I gather digitally on my computer, I tend to resort to those handwritten notes less often as most of my data are digital. Like in other areas of my life, I neither feel like going for 100% digital nor 100% analogue, which can be super fine for personal note taking or other areas, but it troubles me when it comes to conducting an effective research. So I was wondering whether what I am talking about sounds any familiar to you, and if so, whether you have a way to deal with it? Thanks! 


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