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November 11, 2020

Paragraph: “Dynamic objectivity is thus a pursuit of knowledge that makes use of subjective experience (Piaget calls it consciousness of self) in the interests of a more effective objectivity. Premised on continuity, it recognizes differences between self and other as an opportunity for a deeper and more articulated kinship. The struggle to disentangle self from other is itself a source of insight—potentially into the nature of both self and other. It is a principle means for divining what Poinearé calls ‘hidden harmonies and relations.’ To this end, the scientist employs a form of attention to the natural world that is like one’s ideal attention to the human world: it is a form of love. The capacity for such attention, like the capacity for love and empathy, requires a sense of self secure enough to tolerate both difference and continuity; it presupposes the development of dynamic autonomy.” (117-118)