About the Network

The TransAsiaSTS network seeks to promote scholarly exchanges and collaborations in the field of Science & Technology Studies (or Science, Technology, and Society Studies; STS) across Asia, where both STS and Asia are broadly conceived. The network aspires to connect existing STS institutions, societies, and networks in South, East, and Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific, and draw in scholars and organizations working beyond already existing STS infrastructures as well.

TransAsiaSTS examines the emergence, distribution, circulation, translation, contestation and co-option of technoscience in all spheres of life. TransAsiaSTS is grounded in Asian and Asian diasporic contexts, but remains attentive to global, transnational, and planetary dimensions of the dynamics of technoscience. The network therefore welcomes participation of all interested in understanding various aspects of technoscience in Asia, whether based within or outside the Asian region.


The network builds on the vibrancy of Asian STS as evidenced in:

  • several prominent STS scholars and departments

  • several national and regional STS societies and their meetings

  • prominent STS journals, including Science, Technology, and Society; East Asian Science, Technology, and Society: An International Journal; and part of the new transnational editorial collective of Engaging Science, Technology, and Society)

  • two annual meetings of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) – Tokyo, 2010; Sydney, 2018

  • new initiatives such as the Global STS conference (Singapore, 2014; Makassar, Indonesia, 2018)

that the region is/has been home to.


The network thus seeks to explore the possibilities of “TransAsiaSTS” as a social, infrastructural, and intellectual frame. The TransAsiaSTS working group hosts monthly virtual meetings to promote regional exchanges. It also hosts a google group (https://groups.google.com/g/trans-asia-sts) to support information exchange and communication in the region.


We welcome all interested to join!


Questions? Contact transasiastsnetwork@gmail.com.

Monthly Meeting Archive

TransAsiaSTS hosts monthly meetings to faciliate information exchange and collaborations in the Asian region. Calls are recorded and archived at this page.