STS Postures

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July 30, 2021 - 11:23am

Critical Commentary

We see how we hold ourselves (literally our bodies)  in relation to each other, STS, science and technology (MindBody fusion) as key to having agency in the future of science and technology. The STS program at the University of Maryland is set up to help STEM students feel like they have agency to change the status quo. This comes out in how we position ourselves among the students, not in front of them. It also is about translating STS in ways that help them become agents of change (Systems Thinking Skills). And building skills that give them the tools to do this (Data Collection Techniques).


Nicole Mogul and David Tomblin

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Nicole Mogul and David Tomblin, "STS Postures", contributed by Nicole and David Tomblin, STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop, STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 30 July 2021, accessed 17 June 2024.