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The STS Pedagogies Network is a space for all things related to STS Pedagogies, and a space to connect with each other on theories and practices of STS pedagogies in a variety of spaces.

Please join the STS Pedagogies group:

Also, if you would like to join the STS Pedagogies listserv, please go to the link and click Subscribe. Feel free to post to the listserv anything related to STS Pedagogies, including a note when you've added content to the platform.

Please create essays (for example, a new PECE essay, photo or timeline essay) and artifacts to associate with the STS Pedagogies group by making it visible to the group.

Interacting with each other: Please use annotations on artifacts and essays as a way to further elaborate on the materials in this collection. You can also pull artifacts and essays that others have created into your essays. Please refer to the structured analytic "Questioning STS Pedagogies" as one way to articulate critical commentaries and annotations.

We are hoping soon that the PECE platform will allow multiple users to edit essays--this will allow us to create top-level essays on different topics and invite collaborators to add artifacts directly (e.g., syllabi or other resources). In the meantime, if you create an essay and would like to invite contributors to add their essays and artifacts to it, please include a "Call to Collaborate" header in the top center of your essay with instructions about how people can contact you to add their essays and artifacts.

Click on "Need help with PECE?" in the lower left corner to access the user guide. If you have not yet created an account with PECE, you will need to do so to join the group and add content.


Call to Collaborate

We welcome collaboration on this PECE essay.

If you would like to add headers, artifacts, and/or essays to this top-level essay, please contact Emily York at Let me know the name of your artifact or essay, and where in this essay to locate it.

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