STS Pedagogies

At 4S 2019 in New Orleans, many of us who are interested in STS pedagogies found each other, at panels, presidential roundtables, receptions, and exhibits. We also gathered many names for a new STS Pedagogies listserv.

The STS Pedagogies group is a collaborative space that aims to cultivate a community of scholars and teachers who are invested in theorizing and practicing STS pedagogies.

This is a big tent project, welcoming a diverse array of artifacts, essays, and practices. Critical pedagogies, transnational STS pedagogies, feminist STS pedagogies, pedagogies aimed at different institutional and disciplinary contexts, undergraduate STEM pedagogies, graduate STS pedagogies, STS in K-12, STS in museums, and more--let this be a space to share, develop, cultivate, interact, teach, and learn, across boundaries.

Ways of participating in this group include, but are not limited to:

  • Create artifacts related to materials you use or have created associated with your teaching, along with critical commentary about how you use it
  • Create/add artifacts to existing essays
  • Create essays related to a topic not yet created, and invite others to add artifacts to it
  • Annotate each other's artifacts and essays--perhaps with constructive critiques, perhaps with new ideas about how you could use the artifacts, perhaps with brainstorms about how else they could be used
  • Develop pedagogies that use artifacts and essays created in this project and in this platform.
  • Celebrate pedagogical success stories
  • Share publications related to STS pedagogies
  • Share publication outlets for work on STS pedagogies

This platform offers an infrastructure for collaborating, and that means not only creating content but also annotating each other's content, and perhaps finding ways that our students could interact with content as part of their learning. Let's be creative, take advantage of the PECE platform, and support each other in making and doing STS pedagogies.