Sofie‚— Sketch 5: Visualising the Point

Hi Sofie,

You chose a range of images by artists involving sculpture and drawing, but you also chose a series of code. The latter may be the inspiration for a book cover, and I think would inspire a designer given that brief.

If say, you're book was chosen by a press that gives you limited pre-made patterns and colours to work with, what shapes and colours might you glean from your chosen images? Have a look at the Pivot books by Palgrave Macmillan for their existing book covers to see what I mean: While your shapes may be indicated for you in the last image, what about colour? 

If say you were publishing for MIT Press, what short 2-3 lines of text might you give to a designer given the commission of your book cover, so what typographic style would you want, what colours might complement the text and imagery? How might they work together? Would collecting project/research imagery as a moodboard help you in the future were you to get there?


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