6S 2020 Sketch 5

Efe Cengiz, Sketch 5: Visualising the Point

Hi Efe, 

You chose affectual images involving group and singular portraits of people. They are media images for journalism and in design terms, could be useful inside a book, with the great...Read more

Alexandra,— Sketch 5: Visualising the Point

Hi Alexandra, three very different images that would inspire a book cover. They are images I could imagine inside a book, but not yet the bookcover. So, What 2-3 lines of text would you give the...Read more

Caroline, —Sketch 5, What's the Point.

Hi Caroline, you have one image that mentions data a lot.

If you were to make one of these a book cover say for MIT Press, in order which one would you choose? What 2-3 lines of text would...Read more

Hannah Cahoon and Angela Okune, Sketch 5: Visualising the Point

Hannah, your image of the data thugger and Angela your images of people too, made me think of how you could portray the emotion of your research as an atmosphere, in a more abstract way. I was...Read more

Sofie‚— Sketch 5: Visualising the Point

Hi Sofie,

You chose a range of images by artists involving sculpture and drawing, but you also chose a series of code. The latter may be the inspiration for a book cover, and I think would...Read more

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