Sketch C: Kaleidoscopic Project Design

This sketch prompts you to develop methodological flexibility. The sketch, created by the 6S Transnational STS working group is used here with permission for use as part of the 6S 2021 workshop.


This sketch will involve practicing “analysis-as-craft” (Ballestero and Winthereik 2021) and developing capacities to recognize and play with how research designs structure the conditions of research possibilities.


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September 7, 2021


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Kim Fortun, Angela Okune, Katie Ulrich, Misria Shaik Ali, Kim Fernandes, Isha Bhallamudi and Anna Ma. 7 September 2021, "Sketch C: Kaleidoscopic Project Design", STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 26 September 2021, accessed 24 May 2024.