Science and Democracy : Genealogies of Indian STS

Science, Technology and Society Studies (STS) in India, since its inception in the 1970s, had the political project of democratization of science as its core, and the exhibit intends to trace its history. The exhibit explores the multiple genealogies of the democracy question in Indian STS. The development of People’s Science Movements and a wide range of ecological and anti-developmentalist social movements all over the country since the 1960s has been a major site of unfolding of the democratic concern. There is also a long history of public controversies over S&T evolved around the question of technological risks and disruption of people’s livelihoods, and erosion of people’s rights over the commons. Emergence of mass media generated scientific public spheres (including Social Media) which deliberated science and democracy related issues is another important site explored here. The history of disasters and the resultant formation of a public culture of skepticism on S&T propelled developmentalism also is traced. The exhibit takes note of the civil society and governmental initiatives in making the debate on democratization of science lively. The exhibit situates the gradual emergence of Indian STS against the backdrop of these diverse genealogies that placed science and democracy as its core concern.

Science and Democracy : Genealogies of Indian STS members