Process diagramm of school lesson cancellation





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February 20, 2024 - 9:22am

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The second artifact is a process diagramm (drawing on the Business Process Modelling Notation, BPMN) created within the research project DATAFIED based on interviews with school actors and educational software developers. The image visualises which processes which organisational roles are involved in, in relation to the school lessons cancellation data movement. A similar version of a process diagramm (in a different modelling notation language) is used by the software developers to visualise the "should-be" state of the data transmission processes between the school and the federal state's ministry of education providing the educational softwre (the software developer is a department of this ministry).


Jarke, J., Zakharova, I., & Breiter, A. (2022). Organisational Data Work and Its Horizons of Sense: On the Importance of Considering the Temporalities and Topologies of Data Movement When Researching Digital Transformation(s). Historical Social Research, 47(3), 142-170.

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