Kathryne Metcalf. Completed Data Availability Sketch


[This describes my corpus description dataset for a discourse analysis of data reuse in psychiatric genomics–it’s descriptive information for about 300 papers.]

The linked data include spreadsheets containing publication and data-use information about the corpus described in this analysis. These spreadsheets were originally generated using Web of Science (webofknowledge.com), and cleaned and annotated by Kathryne Metcalf. This corpus was cleaned to remove reviews and other non-research articles, as well as articles that did not analyze reused data (see methods and inclusion criteria in main text for more details). Annotations include disciplinary affiliations of the last author on each article (generated using publicly available information such as public CVs and websites) and the origins of the genomic data used in each article (generated from the citations, methods or supplemental materials of each article). The articles themselves are not included in this data, but are accessible via linked doi. 

To my knowledge, this is the first attempt to chart the data ecology of psychiatric genomics. While I have focused on a subset of data-sharing centers in my analysis, this dataset gives a more holistic account of how data is being reused and recombined in this research community.  It may be of interest to scholars interested in the “infrastructural ecologies” (Star and Ruhleder 1996) of scientific research, as it points to a variety of institutions and scales at which data is managed in this specific subfield. 

This data may also be of interest to scholars and activists interested in how particular values have become naturalized in psychiatric research. In the main text I have traced how specific modes of parental advocacy and quantified self discourses have profoundly shaped the datasets of two data-sharing institutions, which have in turn inflected the accounts of autism and other “human kinds” (Hacking 1996) they are made to evince in subsequent research circulation. Similar stories could be told of any of the several hundred data-sharing institutions in this corpus.



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June 14, 2022 - 7:56pm

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This is my completed Data Availability Statement sketch.

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