iHub Research Learnings: Better publishing models need to be created to ensure relevant work is Open Access

AO: Unfortunately, because we did not have the budget to cover the $2,000 USD fee to make the paper open access, this excellent paper by Wachira and Anne is now behind a paywall and very few will probably be able to read it. (Even as a current PhD student within the UC system, I am still not able to get access to the ACM database of papers for this conference!) This highlights a key problem with many of the academic "for development" material - it is clearly not intended for the "development subjects" because few outside of the direct scholarly community can access the works. This is part of the reason that, as iHub Research we were always keen to publish work via our own site that could be accessible to all. However, such a portal also has its limits as it relies on organizational infrastructure that, without proper management, leadership, funding and strategy, can slowly disappear over time. This is a very important issue that must be discussed as part of the growth of critical studies of science and technology studies in diverse communities around the world. What publishing infrastructures are required to ensure equity of access to all scholarly outputs?


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