Holbrook, Jarita, Hakeem Oluseyi, and Arletha Williams-Livingston. 2012. “Total Solar Eclipse Coverage in Africa: Boundary Maintenance and the Control of ‘Image’ within the African-American Scientific Community.” Critical Arts 26 (5): 762–87.

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August 8, 2018 - 6:08pm

Critical Commentary

AO: This 2012 article by Jarita Holbrook et al. focuses on newspaper articles, Internet sites and television broadcasts to analyze the representations of black scientists in the international media. The paper highlights important questions about who defines science, who has the authority to speak about science, and who controls the images of science and scientists using a unique example that occurred within the ethnic space of African-American astronomers and physicists, physically took place on the African continent and captured the physical impact of cross-discipline encounters.