[happyteacher] Notes between Sharon and Sean June 2022



Setting up for Happy Walking trip on Saturday (Taiwan time)


We need to get folks registered


  • Part 1: [30 minutes] Voice/testominials from participants about day walking experience, what does that look like for teaching and critical pedagogy
  • Part 2: [30 minutes] Upload artifacts. Make sure to add "happyteacher" to all titles of artifacts.
  • Part 3: [open?] Conceptualizing:
  1. Understanding frustrations and how we might overcome these frustrations together.
  2. What is the blending of digital, critical pedagogy, teaching experiments, research on global understanding?
  3. What does real-time, multi-sited collaboration look like? For global classrooms, for global understanding and care, for researching together?
  4. How does our network help support our often tenuous and radical work?
  • Part 4: [30 minutes] What does PECE and digital global collaboration look like to Sharon, Dana, Sean. Three different flavors of grants and projects: Global Classroom and critical pedagogy and critical STS; environmental anthropology, EJ, critical, STS critical pedagogy; engineering ethics, critical pedagogy, applied STS+Engineering Education.



  • {priority} meeting with program director STAT! ER2, ERF, other
  • {priority} finish one pager to Kim that scaffolds grant (this should reflect similar language as the one to VT team), 
  • {6/20} need to pin down meeting with Qin and Rocky for ASEE coupled to one pager breaking down the current status of our collaborations and what exists for planning grants and projects
  • {priority} Email to walking group to get registered
  • look for videos/walkthroughs on PECE (or build them)
  • Longer term: PECE essay with artifacts about Sharon/Sean global classrooms, emphasis on interactive experiences. This will lead up to Korea/Taiwan classroom. Need to talk about the struggles, successes, what worked, variation in labor put in, how to curate student experiences,
  • {priority} GRAB EVERYTHING from Collab and Discord. What does Sean have to document evidence of student referencing global classrooms. We need teaching modules (if they aren't super coherent we should build them now). Out of class, assignments, assessments, in class experiences. Huawei is one, Sean assignments and EX is two, notes from students in course evaluations, postings in discord.



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June 16, 2022 - 10:37am

Critical Commentary

Using PECE for all documentation of our work together.

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Sean M. Ferguson, "[happyteacher] Notes between Sharon and Sean June 2022", contributed by Sean M. Ferguson and Sharon Ku, Critical Pedagogy in Action: Building a Walking Classroom and Walking Teacher Global Community, STS Infrastructures, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 16 June 2022, accessed 21 March 2023. https://stsinfrastructures.org/content/happyteacher-notes-between-sharon-and-sean-june-2022