AO. Need for greater focus on the management of electronic records.

AO: Mnjama (2003) points out that ... "increasingly, government institutions are creating records in electronic formats. As the introduction of modern information and communication technologies is a welcome development, the underlying issues relating to the management of electronic records remain yet to be addressed" (98). He calls for a country-wide records survey to understand how records created electronically are being managed. Ten years later, Wangutusi (2013) writes her master's thesis on assessing the "e-readiness" of KNA. However, she focuses less on the underlying partnerships and division of labor between KNA and other government ministries and more on the technical systems and accessibility of computer technologies. The question of the management of electronic records seems particularly important to address given that the majority of the microfilm collection for the Kenya National Archives continue to be hosted and managed by Syracuse University Libraries, something that seems particularly ironic given KNA's successful migration of archives from the colonial government.


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