PECE Collaboration Agreement

This is the PECE collaboration agreement that lays out the general ethos of working in PECE (the open source software that STS Infrastructures relies on).

In participating in PECE projects which includes 6S workshops, I recognize that:

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Once sketches are submitted on August 7, 2020, workshop participants are asked to provide elaborative (generative, helpful) reviews of sketches submitted by at least one of their peers. Elaborative reviews will address these shared questionsFind the sketches you responded to by clicking on the shared question to the right then scroll through to review your peers' responses. Identify one or two responses that resonate with you and note the names of the authors.

To submit your review, click ANNOTATE on this essay's cover page (here) and select the question set for "6S 2020 Elaborative Peer Review." Within the title of your review, make sure to mention whose sketch you are responding to. To help familiarize you with the review questions, we have listed the elaborative peer review questions below. You do not need to answer all question as part of your review; even one or two will do.

Again you can find the annotation video tutorial to the right as well as additional annotation instructions here.