4S 2022 Open STS Data: Opportunities for Pedagogy, Reuse, Re-interpretation

About ESTS Open Data

A broad movement in the scholarly community is pushing towards data sharing or “Open Data,” particularly in the natural sciences and medicine. Recognizing that there are compelling reasons why scholars in STS and related fields are wary of data sharing and careful to protect their work, the ESTS Editorial Collective (EC) has pursued experiments towards establishing a publishing infrastructure for open data with the goal of better understanding the possible benefits for the STS community from data sharing and the role that a scholarly-run journal like ESTS could play in realizing such opportunities. Our approach develops from a commitment to recognize and foster the data relations we most value as a heterogeneous community of scholars and interlocutors. We have partnered with STS Infrastructures, an instance of the Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) designed and built by STS scholars, to understand what “Open Data” can mean in/ for STS, and develop norms, practices, and infrastructures that match the kinds of data that we work with. Read more about our understanding and approach to open data. Explore all ESTS published data.

2022 Workshop Prompt

Data Scavenger Hunt

  • Wander below and find examples of what you would consider “good” data artifacts.
  • Take field notes as you go.
  • Amend your definition of “good” data as you go.


ESTS 4S 2022 Open Data Workshop Slides

These slides were used to guide the Open Data workshop hosted by ESTS at the 4S 2022 conference at Cholua, Mexico. Find the full essay for the workshop here.Read more