2010. Kropp and Wagner. "Knowledge on Stage: Scientific Policy Advice"


"The paper provides a deeper insight into institutionally given opportunities for and limitations to reflexive, dialogue-centered, and risk-sensitive knowledge exchange between scientific experts and agro-political decision makers, especially under the conditions of a significant degree of complexity, far-reaching uncertainties and potential impacts. It focuses on the practical orientations, guiding expectations and selection criteria shaping expertise in processes of science policy consulting. In doing so, two perspectives will be discussed: first the orientation of the knowledge production process by different concepts of 'usable knowledge.' Second, the influence of specific constellations on different stages of the political process, which shape the institutional conditions for the transfer and the use of scientific knowledge within the policy consulting process. Both perspectives help to come to a closer understanding of the demanding and very heterogeneous process of science policy consulting, which - if successful - leads to the interactive production of a very special form of 'orientational knowledge.'"

Keywords: knowledge, expertise, scientific policy advice, policy process, dialogue


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May 27, 2018 - 12:26am

Critical Commentary

This 2010 article by Cordula Kropp and Jost Wagner examines the relationship between scientific experts and policy makers.



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