Nima Madjzubi


In De Ruimte
Oudegracht 230
Utrecht, UT




An overthinking child
A migrant and nomadic subject
BSc. in cognitive neuroscience
MSc. in cognitive AI
Historically investigating the origins of some perplexing theories in my studies ->
master thesis on a history of Rational Choice predecessors in British political economy and marginalism
Transformed by studies of history of science, and by Michel Foucault
Left a PhD project in ethnography of microfinance and development
(to which I was invited because of my critical thesis relevant to economics)
'We should study the moderns', transformed by Timothy Mitchell and Bruno Latour
Working a.o. in artistic research into community economies, theatre of the oppressed, thesis supervision...
Trying to face the growing barbarism head on
Taking up serious studies in anthropology of science
Main lines: cosmopolitics, politics of method, regimes of speech, ecologization/depsychologization