Mascha Gugganig


Munich Center for Technology in Society Munich


Postdoctoral Researcher


Mascha Gugganig is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Munich Center for Technology in Society, Technical University Munich. She has a long-lasting interest in experimental methodology, both in the realm of research dissemination through exhibitions and installations (see here for an example), and in ethnographic research methods (see here for an example), with Visual Vignettes being the most recent project (with Rachel Douglas-Jones). Her wider work deals with norms, institutions and trans-institutional practices of education, expertise, and (visual) ethnography in regards to land relations, Indigenous (Hawaiian) epistemologies, and technoscience in agriculture. In her current project “Innovation of food, innovation of Europe?” she researches the role of, and alternatives to innovation and technology in sustainable agriculture at the EU policy level and in agricultural practices.