Marguerite Koole


Univeryof Saskatchewan Saskatoon


Associate Professsor, Educational Technology & Design (Curriculum Studies)


Dr. Koole is an Associate Professor in Educational Technology and Design, Department of Curriculum Studies at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. In 2013, Dr. Koole completed her PhD in E-Research and Technology-Enhanced Learning at Lancaster University UK. Her thesis is entitled “Identity Positioning of Doctoral Students in Networked Learning Environments”. She also holds a Master of Education in Distance Education (MEd) with a focus was on mobile learning. Dr. Koole has a BA in Modern Languages and has studied French, Spanish, German, Blackfoot, Cree, Latin, Mandarin, ancient Mayan hieroglyphics, and linguistics. She completed a college diploma in Multimedia Production with training in web development, audio, video, animation, 3D animation, marketing, and business. Through the years, Dr. Koole has been involved in teaching, instructional design, multimedia programming, content management, e-portfolios, and social software. She has designed interactive, online learning activities for various learning purposes and platforms—including print, web, and mobile devices.