Lina Franken




Professor for Digital Humanities in Cultural Studies


Lina Franken is a Cultural Anthropologist, specially interested in qualitative methods and method development. She is a professor for Digital Humanities within Cultural Studies at the University of Vechta in lower saxony, Germany. From 2021 to 2022, she was a visiting professor for Computational Social Sciences at the University of Muenich. Beforehand, she was coordinating the research project "automated modelling of hermeneutic processes" (hermA) in Hamburg, working as a research assistant in the subproject investigating possible automatization of discourse ethnography. From 2013 to 2017, Lina was scientific coordinator of a project on Digital Heritage (Digitales Portal Alltagskulturen im Rheinland). Her PhD was earned at the University of Regensburg with a research on teachers. She studied cultural anthropology, history and media sciences at the University of Bonn. She is especially interested in the potentials of digital methods within qualitative and ethnographic contexts and the epistemological changes this involves.