Damien Patrick Williams


122 Lane Hall, 280 Alumni Mall
Blacksburg, VA
United States


PhD Candidate


Damien Patrick Williams' work focuses on how technologies such as algorithms, machine intelligence, and biotechnological interventions are impacted by the values, knowledge systems, philosophical explorations, social structures, and even religious beliefs of human beings. He has consulted with multiple academic, industry-standard-setting, and policy-oriented organizations, including SRI International, Olin College, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, New America, Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, and the Virginia Tech Center for the Humanities. Damien has written numerous articles and given dozens of presentations on topics such as how the consideration and treatment of marginalized peoples will affect the creation of so-called artificially intelligent systems and other technosocial structures of human societies. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and given interviews and comments for national and international publications such as WIRED, the Atlantic, and the Boston Globe on the implications of advanced technology on human societies. More on Damien's research can be found at AFutureWorthThinkingAbout.com/?page_id=5038.