Arturo Vallejo


México City


Professor / Chief of Operations of Tezozomoc Science Museum


I am a writer and doctoral candidate in the Philosophy of Science in the Philosophical and Social Studies of Science and Technology track. I am a professor of Humanistic Studies & Digital Culture and Media at Tec de Monterrey. As for my academic background, I am a Bachelor of Filmmaking & MA in Literature.

In the Tec I have taught the Film, Literature and Culture course and in the ENAC, the Hermeneutics and Heuristics of Documentary Film, Scientific Documentary Film, Cinema and Literature and Screenwriting courses. I am also registered as a tutor for the postgraduate program in Documentary Film and I am a member of the editorial committee of the ENAC.

My research deals with film, literature & media studies in STS. I am specialized in ethnological, visual qualitative methods (mainly video) and I study citizen science, public engagement with science and the pajarero (or birder) communities in Mexico.

I am also the author of the novels No tengo tiempo (2008) and Última vez en Pluto (2016), both published by the Alfaguara label. My most recent book, Te vas a morir (Secretariat of Culture, 2017), is an essay on cinema, science and literature concerning the technologies to extend life. For my trajectory as a creator, I have been awarded awards such as the Caza de Letras award for a short novel, the Miguel Covarrubias of INAH in 2007 as part of the MIDE team and in 2011 and I was a FONCA-CONACYT Artistic Residency Program recipient at the Banff Center for the Arts, in Alberta, Canada.

I currently serve as Chief of Operations for the Tezozomoc Science Museum of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and have 15+ years of experience working in museums and science centers.

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