Aftab Mirzaei




PhD student


I am an interdisciplinary researcher and PhD student in the Science and Technology Studies (STS) program at York University in Toronto.
Currently, I am interested in ‘atmospheres’ as conceptual and analytical tools for understanding things and processes of different types and qualities (i.e. the material, intangible, social and affective) which might come to bear on our experience of different spaces, and specifically spaces that are imbued with ambient intelligence. I am also interested in the biopolitical work of Architecture that takes shape under notions of "sustainability" and "liveability" in urban planning contexts.

I hold an MA from York’s STS program, which I completed under the supervision of Dr. Hélène Mialet, with a thesis entitled “How Data Matters and Comes to Have Matter.” Prior to this, I was a researcher in a technology lab which facilitated access to information for Iranian citizens affected by internet censorship.