Abhinav Tyagi


D307, Hostel 12 - Near Powai Lake
Mumbai, MH


Doctoral Candidate


My name is Abhinav Tyagi, and I am a doctoral candidate in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. I have been deeply interested in digging stories related to scientific discoveries and their context. My current project engages with the historiographies of post-genomic strands within biotechnology in India. The project further involves ethnographic approaches to investigate the genomic to postgenomic transition in biotechnology within the Indian context.
My journey as an enthusiast of the history of science evolved through my training in disciplines of natural and social sciences. Before enrolling for a PhD project at IIT Bombay, I did hold an engineering degree in life sciences and graduate degree in social sciences from TISS, Mumbai. The diversity of my training does replicate in my work experiences too. Apart from being a nerd, I love storytelling.