Western Science

Discovering Distinctive East Asian STS: An Introduction

Ruey-Lin Chen introduces the 2011 special issue of EASTS that asks whether and how East Asian STS might be distinctive from STS practiced in the West.Read more

Philosophy of Science and Science Studies in the West: An Unrecognized Convergence

Joseph Rouse traces the emergence - and convergence - of philosophy of science and science studies in the 1990s. Read more

Reflections on STS in Mainland China: A Historical Review

This 2018 article by Zhengfeng Li and Xiao Lu explores the influential relationship between Marxism, Western theories, and the development of STS in China.Read more

Remembering the spread of Western science

Article by Professor Warwick Anderson on scientific knowledge production, circulation and globalization, published 2018. Includes the role of Deakin STS scholars in revising notions of how knowledge moves.

ABSTRACT: In the fifty years since publication of George Basalla’s ‘The Spread of...Read more

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