Abstract From 4S Conference_Waste Disposal

Re-configuring relationships and practice for sustainable change Virginia Baker, ESR Institute of Environmental Science & Research Ltd; James Ataria, NZ Transdisciplinary approaches explicitly orient science to support ‘real-world’ challenges and change for sustainability. Yet, globally and...Read more

Abstract From 4S Conference_Waste Disposal 3

The Amplification of Risk of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration in China Yang Haihong, Institute of Science,Technology and Society,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China

The generation of modern technologies are accompanied by many risks. As an environmental technology, municipal solid waste...Read more

2017. Damjanov. "Of Defunct Satellites and Other Space Debris: Media Waste in the Orbital Commons"

"Defunct satellites and other technological waste are increasingly occupying Earth’s orbital space, a region designated as one of the global commons. These dilapidated technologies that were commissioned to sustain the production and exchange of data, information, and images are an...Read more

Abstract From 4S Conference_Waste Disposal 2

Waste Pickers and Invisible Labor in the Infrastructure of Recyclable Waste in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kathrin Eitel, Institute for Cult. Anthropology & European Ethnology, Goethe-University, Frankf Waste is patterning streets and sewage systems in urban Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s omnipresent...Read more

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