Tom Boellstorff

Tom Boellstorff's CV - July 2018

Tom Boellstorff's CV is available on his faculty web page.Read more

Tom Boellstorff's Spring 2010 MSTS Syllabus

Prior to the UC Irvine Anthropology Department offering an MSTS Masters program, Tom Boellstorff offered an independent study in Spring of 2010 on MSTS.Read more

For Whom the Ontology Turns: Theorizing the Digital Real

In this 2016 article, Tom Boellstorff argues that the ontological turn and related theoretical moves can help illuminate digital cultures and the false opposition between "digital" and "real." Boellstorff provides a link to the PDF on his...Read more

What books do you recommend, Tom?

Asked what books he recommends in terms of classic work on technology and culture , Tom Boellstorff had this to offer:

  • Stefan Helmreich, Silicon Second Nature: Culturing Artificial Life in Digital World
  • Tom Standage,
  • ...Read more
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