STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop

Interrogating STS Pedagogies Panel Notes July 7

These panel notes record key points made during the Interrogating STS Pedagogies panel with Martin Perez Comisso, Eric Kennedy, James Malazita, Raquel Velho, and Matt Wisnioski, on July 7, as part of the STS as a Critical Pedagogy NSF-funded workshop. Notes were primarily taken by undergraduate...Read more

STS Teaching and Thinking with Disabilities Panel Notes June 14, 2021

This is a PDF download of a Google document. It reflects notes taken during the "STS Teaching and Thinking with Disabilities" Panel with Crystal Lee, Ashley Shew, and Cora Olson in the STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop, Summer 2021. Notes were primarily taken by undergraduate fellow Courtney...Read more

History of Science Syllabus - Spring 2019 - Sheppard

Throughout this semester, we will focus on the search for knowledge about the natural world, from antiquity to today. In order to successfully participate in this course, you must first forget everything you think you know about science, how it has developed, and what it means to you today. We...Read more

The Digital State Syllabus Spring 21 - Douglas-Jones

RD: This Digital Innovation and Management course uses ethnographic studies and theoretical frameworks from Anthropology, STS and Organisational studies to examine the new responsibilities, obligations and of state actors as they implement IT systems. It asks how public bodies use and store data...Read more

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