STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop

Opening Remarks (STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop)

These slides accompany our opening remarks for the first session of the STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop, June 16, 2021.Read more

The Digital Anthropocene Syllabus - 2020 - Douglas-Jones

We make the digital from the natural world, crafting metals and plastics into sleek handheld forms. We observe and make our understandings of environments through digital devices, spreadsheet accounting and carbon calculations. We have brought epochal shifts into being through rhetoric,...Read more

STS as a Critical Pedagogy Workshop Program

This is the final version of the collaboratively-built program for the NSF funded "STS as a Critical Pedagogy" workshop, hosted virtually in the summer of 2021.

The workshop was originally scheduled to take place in person over two days in the summer of 2019. Delayed due to Covid-19, and...Read more

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