Social Anthropology of Technology

This Annual Reviews essay seeks to make relevant the field of STS to anthropologists, focusing especially on material culture studies. Read more

Toward an Anthropology of Landmines: Rogue Infrastructure and Military Waste in the Korean DMZ

This 2016 article by Eleana Kim was published by Cultural Anthropology and is available on their websiteRead more

Merton's Normative Structure of Science

For me, an outsider trying to wrap my head around STS, it seemed imperative to browse through the article 'Normative Structure of Science' (1942) because it seemed to be the starting point or the first reference in many articles that attempted to give an overview of STS. Initially, I was...Read more

“These Were Not Boring Meetings”: Miguel García-Sancho Talks with Karin Knorr Cetina

This is an interview of Karin Knorr Cetina by Miguel Garcia-Sancho. In the wake of trying to trace the emergence of STS, I came across this interview and it seemed to give a first-hand personal account of the academic journey of the author who also witnessed and contributed to the emergence of...Read more

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