2015. Tidwell and Smith. "Morals, Materials, and Technoscience: The Energy Security Imaginary in the United States"

"This article advances recent scholarship on energy security by arguing that the concept is best understood as a sociotechnical imaginary, a collective vision for a ‘‘good society’’ realized through technoscientific-oriented policies. Focusing on the 1952 Resources for Freedom report,...Read more

The social contruction of artefacts: A response to pinch and Bijker

1) Neglect of social structure:   The author argues that there is a careless approach in understanding the social structure or defining it by the SCOT Scholars. He argues it is...Read more

Boundary Objects and Institutional Change

The “Making the Case for Ourselves: Boundary Objects in Critical STS Pedagogies” presentation really got my mind spinning about the role of boundary objects in catalyzing institutional change. I have always loved the boundary object metaphor because of its power to simultaneously symbolize cultural...Read more

2016. Hinterberger. "Regulating Estrangement: Human–Animal Chimeras in Postgenomic Biology"

"Why do laws and regulations marking boundaries between humans and other animals proliferate amid widespread proclamations of the waning of the species concept and the consensus that life is a continuum? Here I consider a recent spate of new guidelines and regulations in the United...Read more

2017. Wilke. "Seeing and Unmaking Civilians in Afghanistan: Visual Technologies and Contested Professional Visions"

"While the distinction between civilians and combatants is fundamental to international law, it is contested and complicated in practice. How do North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officers see civilians in Afghanistan? Focusing on 2009 air strike in Kunduz, this article argues...Read more

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