medical anthropology

Medical anthropology

Medical anthropology in Japan emerged during the 1980s under the strong influence of psychiatry and the interpretive approach (Ohnuki-Tierney 1988, Namihira 1990, etc). It has been developing in a close relation to non-Japanese anthropological interest in contemporary Japanese medicine,...Read more

Publication Trends around anthropology and STS

The Anthropological Turn series, Suiseisha

In 2015, a Japanese publisher, Suiseisha ( 水声社 ), whose previous focus was French and other...Read more

Life of the Metabolism

Life of the Metabolism: An Experimental Inquiry into Mobility (<Special Theme>Hybrid Bodies)

Auther: Gergely Mohacsi

Keywords: diabetes, embodiment, epidemiology, genetic research, mobility, Japan

In the past decade and a half, anthropology, along with other human...Read more

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