Media Reception: Voice of America reports on Base of the Pyramid Findings

AO: This media interview with Voice of America is one of the better examples of nuanced reporting on our Base of the Pyramid research in 2013. I am including it in the exhibit because it illustrates one important part of the work we did at iHub Research - public outreach and sharing - and also a...Read more

2017. Damjanov. "Of Defunct Satellites and Other Space Debris: Media Waste in the Orbital Commons"

"Defunct satellites and other technological waste are increasingly occupying Earth’s orbital space, a region designated as one of the global commons. These dilapidated technologies that were commissioned to sustain the production and exchange of data, information, and images are an...Read more

Example of Media Coverage of Umati Project

AO: This is an example of some of the media coverage that the Umati project received. This was probably one of our most famous projects so much so that I overheard someone giving a tour of the iHub building and when they pointed to the iHub Research sign in the elevator, the person introduced...Read more

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