Mangat, Rupi. “Slow Death of Library That McMillan Built.” The East African, May 3, 2010.

TM:Description on the place of McMillan Library in Nairobi in time and space. Furthermore, there is a description of the library's evolution over time in regard to its state as a physical building and most importantly on the archived material's state.Read more

Koinange, Wanjiru. 2015. “Lady McMillan, the Library.” Commonwealth Writers (blog). September 11, 2015.

AO: This article by one of the founders of Book Bunk, Wanjiru Koinange giving a descriptive history of the McMillan library.Read more


TM:There is an immense footprint left by the colonial power in the state of libraries in Kenya; McMillan Library in Nairobi stands out in timeless Victorian architecture only speaking of the...Read more

“Libraries Will Not Die, They Are Here to Stay.” Daily Nation, December 19, 2018.

TM: A description of the state of the Libraries in Kenya whereby irregardless of the tech boom, the KNLS keeps expanding as the thirst in this new information age has created more demand for information.Read more

Government of Kenya. 1938. McMillan Memorial Library. Cap. 217.

AO: This is the McMillan Memorial Library Act which enacted and has protected the McMillan library since 1938. I have merged the original legal documents available for download at the same source into one PDF document which includes amendments made in 1964 and 2012 to the original 1938...Read more

AO. Rejuvenation through revisiting issues of representation.

AO: The quotes re-posted here emphasize the importance of memory and the role of (re)-evaluating library and archive materials in terms of who they are serving. How to catalogue and add meta-data...Read more

Kamau, J. “McMillan Library and the Jinxed Juja Farm.” Business Daily, March 8, 2012.

TM: This article describes a story on how the founding of the Library is bound by beliefs that surrounded the founder William Northup McMillan and from shere wit the library is able to stand today. Read more

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