AFRICA IN OUR LIVES: An Interview with Julie Livingston

This interview by Kyra Fox as part of the BIG STORIES + CLOSE (UP) RESEARCH series from the African Studies Department at University of Wisconsin - Madison highlights Julie Livingston's research trajectory.Read more

Sambuli, Nanjira. 2018. Typed Interview Responses. STS Across Borders.

AO: With her permission, I include Nanjira Sambuli's full typed responses to the interview questions I sent her.Read more

Interview by FutureFarmers with Abena Dove Osseo-Asare

Futurefarmers Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine interview Abena Dove Osseo-Asare to understand the limits of knowledge and how researchers are moving towards these "unknown" territories as part of a multifaceted research project inspired by Charles and Ray Eames's film, Powers...Read more

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