innovating STS in Turkey

A Genius, Rebellious and Totally Suspicious Journal: Sizofrengi

In this essay, historian of psychiatry Fatih Artvinli tells a story of the journal Şizofrengi (1992-1998), which stands as a significant discovery for innovating STS in Turkey. 

This essay is written in Turkish and translated into English. The Turkish version is...Read more

ITU STS Program

This is an essay written by Prof. Hacer Ansal in Turkish. Prof. Ansal established the first STS MA program at a Turkish university (Istanbul Technical University) back in 2000. In the digital collection "...Read more

Story of the Stories for Nuclear Alla Turca

An essay written by Maral Erol, which reflects on the video interview she and Aybike Alkan conducted with Can Candan as part of the "Innovating STS in Turkey...Read more

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