Gender/Sexuality/Feminist STS

Weisstein 1977, "How can a little girl like you teach a great big class of men?"

This biographical essay by experimental psychologist Naomi Weisstein recounts the barriers she faced doing her scientific work during graduate school and in her early career. From denial of access to scientific instrumentation to psychological obstructions, she frames her experience as part of...Read more

Reflexive Digital Methods In The Social Sciences And Humanities - Beyond ‘Blind’ Users And ‘Blind’ Critics

At present we can observe that on the one hand 'blind' users of digital methods are trained at universities and on the other hand 'blind' critics of these methods, mostly with a humanities or social science background. However, for innovations in the field of method development, an...Read more

Transforming Code Into Voice: Toward A Material Semiotic Critical Code Studies Of Weizenbaum’s ELIZA Program

This paper takes up an exploration of the use of critical code studies in STS. I argue that STS methods call for a different use of critical code studies from the ways in which it has been primarily used in the digital humanities and literary code studies (Marino, 2014). Instead, I propose...Read more

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