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1975 Haraway "The Transformation of the Left in Science"

Haraway charts the trajectories of dissident scientists in the UK and the US and their relationship to state science advisory associations like the AAAS and BAAS. She positions the turn towards science education in the AAAS during the late 1970s-early 1980s as insider/reformist push for...Read more

A Game of Cat's Cradle

In this essay, Donna Haraway outlines her vision for "antiracist multicultural feminist studies of technoscience."Read more

Weisstein 1977, "How can a little girl like you teach a great big class of men?"

This biographical essay by experimental psychologist Naomi Weisstein recounts the barriers she faced doing her scientific work during graduate school and in her early career. From denial of access to scientific instrumentation to psychological obstructions, she frames her experience as part of...Read more

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