Crystal Biruk

Biruk, Crystal. 2014. “Ebola and Emergency Anthropology: The View from the ‘Global Health Slot’ | Somatosphere.” Somatosphere (blog). October 2014.

AO: In this 2014 blog post by Crystal Biruk, she muses on the role of the medical anthropologist in a global health emergency and the expertise that medical anthropologists can contribute.Read more

Biruk, Crystal. 2018. Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World. Critical Global Health: Evidence, Efficacy, Ethnography. Durham: Duke University Press.

Abstract: " In Cooking Data Crystal Biruk offers an ethnographic account of research into the demographics of HIV and AIDS in Malawi to rethink the production of quantitative health data. While research practices are often understood within a clean/dirty...Read more

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